Authors Anna Harvard and Katarina Wahlberg


The authors Anna Harvard and Katarina Wahlberg together have more than 35 years of improv experience. Katarina is a co-founder of International Theater Stockholm that specializes in improv theatre and Anna is a graphic designer, illustrator and art director.

Anna Harvard is an illustrator, improviser and graphic designer living in Stockholm. She has published several books and made many illustrations and info graphics for books, magazines and major newspapers in Sweden ( She started improvising in 2001, and has since 2009 been a member of the improv ensemble Dramatiska who specializes in improvised genrebased drama, such as improvised Ingmar Bergman and Alfred Hitchcock. Since 2011 she has been teaching improv at Stockholms Improvisationsteater, where her classes in narrative long form have been immensely popular.

Katarina Wahlberg started improvising in 2001 and began teaching in 2010. She has a broad international improv background ranging from New York to Stockholm. She has trained and performed at many different improv theaters including the Peoples Improv Theater (PIT) in New York, Stockholms Improvisationsteater and International Theater Stockholm. In New York she was a member of the ECNY nominated PIT House Team Fancy Dragon. In Stockholm she joined Dramatiska, which specializes in genre-based improv. In 2014 she co-founded International Theater Stockholm (IT’S), where she currently performs in many hit improv shows including Lost in Translation, Mission Improvible, Troubadour Tales and Lemonade.